This is an extension of Overseas Pakistani Friends blog in Urdu. The friends who are not good at English language (including myselfJ) can find some useful content here. Although I wanted to start this blog with Urdu interface but unfortunately I am not an expert in these applications and not much work has been done so far by Pakistanis to translate scripts in our own language. For the time being we have to manage with English interface.  


  1. Haseen

    I am a columnist i want to write in your urduakhbar.plz can you send your editorial email ID?

  2. ghulam murtaza malik

    plz my respected sir , i do not knows what you needs.this is my e mail id if help full,3005108621.

  3. ghulam murtaza malik

    if you peoples like i have courge to write daily.right now i am in ras ul khaima.uae.working here bsc nurse,academic masterin islamic studies.i do not knows how to write.plz guide me i need your help.guidline.because of i have pain of pak.when i saw here discreatment with pakistanien.i was one oil and gas company.much sal,previllage. they finish work here and went qattar.my vesa was bane in qattar we r 7 pak persons then they left us release us and bring new indean/nepali peoples.not our mistake our foreign policy need buil up.lot of others problems facing here on top being a pak.nothing others.thanks.dil rota hi.when we see 1x25rupees.bangal/condition better frm us.we feeling shame to telling we r pak.why u knows better.no one ready to trust on pak nation.

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